What is this thing?

This thing.

This thing came naturally and to some fine but dense, or coarse, or not as dense but strong. To all it came undamaged, untouched. Virgin.

Every day we lose a bit, and we get it back for a little while. Though It may come back different; it will return for now and in its natural state.

And as we grow and develop and forever evolve so this thing does too... it changes with time, trends, genetics, age, or health. Some identify or are identified by it, classified, or characterized.

This thing can be unmanageable on days; untamed, played with, cut off, and it still returns. Though not fast enough. Only to be damaged taken for granted once again. We manipulate and compromise its integrity. Yet we mask it and nurture it. All in trying to bring life to what's already dead. We invest in its needs, but it's too late...

See. We ruin natural. With unnatural tendencies: by choices, by only taking care of the outside and not the inside, by what we expose it to, or how we try to enhance or change it and soon enough this thing will changed for good: Less vibrant, no depth or density, lacking color. It will grow weak it will age and start to break, it will start to fall again. But this time it may or may not return, and this thing...

This thing is ?

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